Is Amazon's "Bigger Than Kindle" Device a Games Console?

By Gerald Lynch on at

Amazon's Kindle Fire line caused a stir when it launched, undercutting the tablet competition and carving Amazon a nice little corner of the then-uncharted waters in the process. It now seems Jeff Bezos's company is looking to do the same in the games console arena with its own Android gaming machine.

While rumours have previously circulated around an Amazon set-top box, the reality now seems to be that Amazon's next "bigger than Kindle" product will fall somewhere between that and a home gaming console: An Android-powered gaming machine that also offers access to Amazon's video streaming services, and presumably the likes of Netflix too.

According to "multiple sources" speaking to VG247, the Amazon box is "grey in colour, oblong in shape and with sharp edges", not dissimilar to the original PlayStation. As for pricing, it'll undercut the current next-gen PS4 and Xbox One offerings considerably at around £180 (though anyone expecting a similar experience from an Android-powered console at that price as that offered by the next-gen heavyweights might want to keep dreaming).

The prospect of set-top-boxes-come-gaming-consoles seem to be all the rage with the tech heavyweights at the moment. Just last week we heard rumour that the next major update to the Apple TV line would be a gaming-focussed one, allowing for iOS games to be played directly from the Cupertino company's next wave of boxes. Translating the success of mobile games into a living room unit isn't easy though -- just look at the struggles faced thus far by the GameStick and Ouya, for instance. [VG247 via TechRadar]