Rumour: BBC iPlayer for Xbox One Delayed Because of Kinect Issues

By Gerald Lynch on at

Whether you're a license fee-paying Xbox One owner or not, it seems there's no point holding your breath hoping for BBC's iPlayer application to arrive for the console any time soon. An unnamed BBC programmer has allegedly spoken to Ultimate Gaming Paradise saying that the Kinect is causing the catch-up service to be delayed.

“We can’t seem to get it working; [the Kinect sensor] is causing a major development headache for the team,” the anonymous developer is reported to have told the site.

According to Ultimate Gaming Paradise, a "serious iPlayer flaw" was discovered, which was related to a user's interaction with Kinect:

Testing indicated that slight movements, from picking up a cup of coffee to scratching your nose, interrupted entertainment playback.

The unnamed developer seems to suggest that the problem may not even be specific to its application, but potentially a system-wide Kinect issue that would need to be ironed out. With no fix coming anytime soon, next-gen-fence-sitting-iPlayer-fans may want to turn their attentions to the PS4, which has had the application since its launch. [Ultimate Gaming Paradise via NeoGaf via Softpedia]