Rumour: Keyboard King SwiftKey Could be Headed to iPhone

By Gerald Lynch on at

Apple's iOS 7 keyboard update made a number of worthy improvements to the mobile OS's typing system, with better auto-correcting capabilities and a cleaner overall look. But, hands-down, Android users have the best keyboards available, thanks to default keyboard replacement apps such as SwiftKey. Could that particular app however now be coming to iOS too?

@evleaks, the busiest tech leaker in town, has posted an image suggesting the keyboard overhaul could be headed to Apple's platform. In it, you can clearly see developer TouchType's tweaking of the standard iOS keyboard layout, adding a bar of predicted-text suggested words above the keys. "A super-fast typing" line can be seen displayed on an iPhone 5S in the image, which has all the trappings of a promotional shot.

And, admittedly, all the trappings of a Photoshopped mock-up too. Apple has been notoriously stubborn when it comes to refusing to let app developers tinker with its keyboard system. It's been claimed in the past that Apple is incredibly wary of the potential of keyloggers, and is resultantly resolute in making its water-tight keyboard the only option on iOS. It remains to be seen what SwiftKey has pulled out of the bag if it has indeed managed to court Apple in this regard, but for the time being, keep practising your default iOS keyboard typing exercises. [Twitter]