Rumour: LG G3 and G2 Pro May Dabble in Fingerprint Scanning

By Gerald Lynch on at

LG's G2 handset was a powerful but flawed beast, taking some unusual chances with its design, some of which worked, while others didn't. For its successors, the rumoured LG G3 flagship and G2 Pro update, a fingerprint scanner may be the company's next point of experimentation.

According to Korean news site ETNews, both the G3 and G2 Pro will be following in the footsteps of Apple's iPhone 5S and the HTC One Max, finding somewhere on the frame to pop a sensor over which you can slide your digits and be recognised by the phone. Apparently, the LG G2 was already lined up to have a fingerprint scanner, but was pulled from the final design due to time constraints and problems with manufacturing.

While I'm not adverse to a fingerprint scanner in principle (the iPhone 5S's one, while limited in functionality, works excellently), where would it go on any of the new LG phones? If it's anything like the strange placement of the rear power button on the G2, I'm not convinced that would work -- it was a similar issue I had with the HTC One Max, in that it's simply an uncomfortable and awkward place to blindly get an accurate fingerprint reading from. But placing it on the opposite side would mean undermining a simple glass-only front. It's an interesting hurdle, and one I'll be keen to see should the final products indeed feature a fingerprint scanner. [ETNews via TechRadar]