Rumour: Nintendo Plans Smartphone Mini-Games Instead of Mario on iPhone

By Gerald Lynch on at

While we're torn over whether or not we favour the prospect of playing a Mario game on a smartphone, it's a quandary we may never have to face. While Nintendo accepts a move onto mobiles is now a necessity, it's now likely that the company will only offer mini game teasers on smartphones and tablets to promote its console titles.

A report from The Nikkei newspaper suggests that app-based mini-games for iOS and Android will be used to draw in customers, giving them a taste of the sort of experiences offered by Nintendo's games on the home consoles. Full games would remain exclusive to the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, with either demos or adapted portions of console games used to shepherd gamers back into Nintendo's flock. Whether that will be enough to reverse the company's sliding fortunes remains to be seen, but for the time being it's a reasonable compromise. [The Nikkei (print) via Serkantoto via TechRadar]

Image Credit: Phandroid