Rumour: Samsung's MWC 2014 Plans Could Include the Galaxy S5 and New TouchWiz

By Gerald Lynch on at

It seems as if Samsung has set its MWC plans into motion, with reliable mobile commentator Eldar Murtazin claiming to reveal what the company has in store for its Samsung Unpacked 2014 event on February 23rd.

As well as a revamped TouchWiz UI (with Windows Phone-style live tile feeds), Murtazin claims that Samsung will be bucking its own release trend, using the show to reveal its flagship Galaxy S5 handset. It would be an unusual move for the company, seeing as it has usually gone to great (often ridiculous) lengths to create its own massive showcase events to promote the launch of the line.

Murtazin also claims the price of the S5 should be close to that of its predecessor, the S4, putting it near the £630 mark when it launches -- a launch set for some point in April according to Murtazin.

As ever, it's worth taking with a pinch of salt until Samsung gives official word itself as, though reliable, Murtazin does not reveal his sources. However, all the whispers so far have pointed to an early-2014 reveal and April launch for the S5, which Murtazin's claims line up with. [Twitter]