Rumour: The Next Apple TV Update Will Focus on Gaming and an iOS-Style Interface

By Gerald Lynch on at

While the Apple TV set rumours may be put on ice for now, the Cupertino company still hasn't lost sight of a place underneath your television. It's rumoured to be preparing to launch a brand new Apple TV set-top box. And it seems this time, it's all about the games.

9to5Mac has a line on the new box, which they have been told could be ready to launch before the summer. While it doesn't suggest the industrial design of the unit is to change much from its predecessors, its operating system will be drastically different, closer to Apple's iOS mobile platform than any of its previous big-screen offerings.

iLounge has its own source corroborating the rumour, stating that an update to the Apple TV will allow for gaming applications to be played from the box, suggestive of some sort of native Apple TV app store or game store. While new hardware will certainly facilitate the graphical grunt needed to play more advanced games, Apple isn't ruling out pushing the update to older, capable Apple TV boxes.

Growing from a Steve Jobs "hobby", it looks like Apple may finally be taking its living room interests more seriously -- if true, this is certainly the closest they've come to making the fabled "Apple Games Console". Take it with a pinch of salt for now, but it seems Apple is definitely as interested in your living room as a spot inside your pocket. [9to5Mac, iLounge]