Rumour: White Xbox One Coming in October as Well as 1TB Version

By Gerald Lynch on at

In the eternal words of Spinal Tap's Nigel Tufnel, Microsoft's Xbox One console is "none more black." Well, for the time being at least -- come October, there could be a "none more white" version too.

According to a rumour circulating on the NeoGAF forums (and since verified independently by The Verge) a white version of the next-gen machine will launch in October to coincide with the launch of (ironically) colourful shooter Sunset Overdrive. A tie-dye Xbox One would probably be more appropriate, but you'd have to be one hell of a stoner to even consider putting that under your telly. There are already a handful of white Xbox Ones out in the wild, giving to the console's designers as a special treat. Bit less special if this proves true then.

It's also rumoured that 1TB variations of the console are on the way -- a much-requested option seeing as the current edition is only available in 500GB sizes, game installs are mandatory and even patches have been weighing in at 13GB.

Slightly more spurious, and as yet unverified, is the news that a Titanfall bundle for the console is also on the way, which will feature an Xbox One with a special edition Titanfall-themed paint-job.  While a Titanfall bundle is a dead-cert I'd say, given the profile of the game, for now there's little other than hopes and dreams that the below design is anything more than a fan's render. We'll keep you posted. [The Verge, NeoGAF, CVG]