Samsung Eyeing Up Another Stab at High-End Windows Phone Handsets

By Gerald Lynch on at

Samsung's biggest mobile successes have been planted firmly in rich Android soil, but it looks as though the company hasn't given up on Windows Phone yet. A high-end Windows Phone 8 handset from Sammy looks to be on the way, after a number of details hit the web.

Shipping documents have pointed towards a high-end, 5-inch phone being in the works, with the model number SM-W750V -- a number which matches up with a recently-approved North American Bluetooth SIG. Digging around on the Samsung website proves an even bigger tease, with "Windows Mobile Lab" mentioned alongside Internet Explorer as the default browser. Elsewhere, a resolution of 1920 x 1080 for the screen is mentioned, while LTE connectivity is also noted.

With Nokia potentially branching out into the Android realm, perhaps Samsung is equally looking to make sure its eggs are in many baskets. With MWC 2014 less than a month away, we'd expect to find out more very soon. [Windows Phone CentralSammyTodayPhoneArena via Engadget]