Samsung's ATIV Book 9 Gets a Bigger Screen and Killer Battery Life

By Eric Limer on at

Samsung's ATIV Book 9 line (formerly Series 9) has always had a silly name but a beautiful body. Now Samsung's refreshing the Ultrabook for 2014 with better guts, a slightly bigger screen, a killer battery, and more.

Probably the most important if least thrilling part of the 2014 update is, of course, a 4th generation Intel chip that Samsung says can offer 14 hours of battery life. The screen is also bigger now, though only by virtue of slightly smaller bezels, so no extra girth here.

The keyboard is also getting an update, and Samsung is opting for highly designed curved keys that aim to "cradle" your fingertips. Apparently this design was the product of a lot of testing, and Samsung seems confident that it is going to be awesome . We hope we agree when we get our hands on it.

And last but not least, the new ATIV Book 9 will be an aural monster, sporting what Samsung boasts to be "the laptop industry's first lossless audio component, featuring the same Ultra High Quality Audio as professional recording studios." Sounds pretty impressive, but we'd definitely like to hear it with our own ears.

All in all, the ATIV Book 9 2014 seems like it comes with subtle but crucial improvements that could really make this thing a beast in the non-convertible Ultrabook scene, even if it does have a dumb name.