Seagate's Batch of Slim New Drives Will Back-Up Your Phone

By Leslie Horn on at

Seagate has always offered up big drives that store your data reliably, and the newest round of external storage devices—Backup Plus Slim—will now back up content from your phone.

The speedy drives are equipped with USB 3.0 for lightning fast file transfers using the new second-gen version of the Seagate Dashboard software. Backup Plus Slim is also suitable for stashing your Flickr and Facebook albums directly from those sites, or adding them from your drives. Also, they are tiny purse-sized devices, which is great if you have an iPhone that keeps telling you it's almost full every time you try to take a picture.

Seagate's Got a Batch of Slim New Drives To Back Up Your Phone

Seagate is also going to be selling a 4TB portable drive called Backup Plus FAST, which it says is the biggest portable drive of its kind. (See below). It's a USB 3.0 drive that should give you transfer speeds upwards of 22MB/second. Seagate says it's both twice the performance and twice the capacity of anything else you can buy today.

Filmmakers and photographers shooting in 4K, Seagate is almost definitely looking at you. And for everyone else, more storage that's more portable is always a good thing.

Seagate's Got a Batch of Slim New Drives To Back Up Your Phone