Sennheiser's DJ Cans Get Overhauled for the Rigours of the Modern Club

By Mario Aguilar on at

Sennheiser's HD25 DJ headphones are icons. They're also 25 years old, and up against some tough competition. So Sennheiser took their balanced sound and crammed them into a new line of headphones, lead by the HD8 DJ. Classic sonics, meet the comforts of a new millennium.

While specs are pretty thin (so far) on the HD8 DJ, HD7 DJ, and HD6 MIX, but the company claims their sound is "inspired" by the old headphones. They've got a lot of now-standard design features that DJs have come to expect, like rugged build quality, excellent noise isolation so you can hear what's going on even if there are thudding speakers around you. The headphones fold together for easy storage, and the earcups rotate 210 degrees so that you can position them comfortably for one ear monitoring.

And while it's maybe not the most important consideration, the new cans look handsome from the renders above. No word on pricing or availability. I'll definitely be hitting the Sennheiser both, and I'll update when I've got more details.