Shooting Challenge #27: The Winner Is...

By Martin Snelling on at

The last Shooting Challenge of 2013 was a celebration of the Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year, the much maligned "selfie". No longer the sole pursuit of Instagramming teenagers, 2013 saw the selfie reach new heights with everyone including world leaders getting in on the selfie act.

Thanks to all of you that took the time to capture a selfie over the festive period, you didn’t disappoint. I’m also happy to report that there wasn’t a duck face in sight.

This week’s winning image comes courtesy of Ross Jeremy whose creativity nose (see what I did there?) no bounds. Ross’s image really stood out and I was impressed with his thought process in the creation of the photograph. Ross showed some real flair and imagination with this image:

Here’s how Ross created the photograph:

Camera: Canon 5D MKIII
Equipment: Tripod, Speedlight, Remote Shutter Cord
Settings: ISO 100, 105mm, f/5.6 1/160 sec, Flash Fired

If I could have just one superhero power, it would without doubt be to be able to turn invisible. So with that in mind I decided to take a multiple exposure shot. I grabbed my tripod and speedlight (Yongnuo YN568EX) I set my camera to the multi exposure "dark" setting and set it to 2 second self timer and attached a remote to reduce camera shake. I then simply shot the wall without me in front. Next I got myself in front of the camera and managed to line myself up using the red led light that projects onto the wall while focusing, then fired again. I had a few attempts by posing in slightly different ways.


I was rather pleased with the end result as I feel I blend in rather well as my skin tone, my freckles and the bricks seem to be quite similar in colour and detail! Quite a striking end result and I think I will play with multi exposures more often.

Congratulations Ross; a well-deserved win. Your prize is a Tokyoflash watch of your choosing.

As is customary with the Shooting Challenges, thumbs up and firm handshakes to the following:

Liz Russell -- a fantastic 1950s Hollywood-inspired selfie. I loved the composition, grain, colour tone and Liz’s eye make-up.

Andrew Wilson -- Andrew is clearly a man of many faces. Great concept Andrew.

Angel Ganev -- a creative silhouette selfie.


A special shoutout to James Boot who knowingly broke all the rules in the Shooting Challenge to produce a selfie virtual tour of his house via Vine. If I can offer some advice James: put the toilet lid down.

You can see all of the entries (minus James’s) over on our Flickr page, go check them out and tell us your favourite.

There will be another Shooting Challenge next week, so charge those batteries up and ensure you put a memory card in your camera.

Martin Snelling is a Hampshire-based photomatographer and wearer of fine hats. He tweets here, Flickrs here, and does his website stuff here.