Should Smilies Have Noses: The Great Emoticon Debate

By Ashley Feinberg on at

Recently, the dating website Zoosk conducted a study of 4,000 singles to see which online dating habits were the most conducive to finding yourself your very own sex friend. One of the most peculiar bits of info gleaned from the study, though, is that fact that profiles that used the emoticon ":-)" racked up a 13 percent net increase in replies while the ":)" would send you into a 66 percent decline. Never underestimate the power of a nose.

When presented with this data, though, the majority of the Gizmodo staff (incorrectly) jumped to the defence of the noseless. Our own Eric Limer, being perhaps the most adamant champion of the nasally challenged emoticon, continued to harass me for my beliefs over instant message. But what do you think? Should smilies have a nose? Or should they be left as some noseless deformed monstrosity?