Sky is Doing a Google and Bringing Targeted Ads to Sky+HD Boxes

By Gerald Lynch on at

If we're going to insist on recording every show we watch on our Sky+ boxes and fast forwarding past the adverts (or just luxuriating in the ad-free wonder that is Netflix), Sky is going to make sure to squeeze every penny it can out of those ad slots. Yep -- targeted, tailored advertising is coming to your Sky+HD box.

Just how personal those adverts will be remains to be seen, as Sky only has access to your postcode and Experian data. Still, it'll attempt to offer advertising that's a tad more relevant, automatically downloading adverts to a viewer's box through a new platform called AdSmart, and inserting them where traditional adverts would go. At the very least, locally relevant deals may soon make more regular appearances during ad breaks (though we shudder to think of being left with a handful of infinitely repeated adverts should we decide to disconnect our boxes from the internet).

The system will roll out this month, covering all pre-recorded content on the Sky 1, Sky 2, Sky Atlantic, Sky Movies, Sky Sports, Sky Arts, Sky Living, Challenge and Pick TV channels. [Sky Media via Engadget]