Slower Motorway Trips and Congestion Charge Rises Bring More Boundless Joy to Commuters

By Gary Cutlack on at

Thought travelling around the UK couldn't get any more miserable or expensive? You're wrong. New restrictions are planned that could lower the speed limits on some stretches of motorway, plus London's congestion charge might be about to leap up by 15 per cent.

Transport for London is lobbying for an increase on London's having-a-car tax, which would see it rise from £10 a day to drive into some central areas to £11.50. TfL's currently running a public consultation on the plan, so if you're strongly for or against this idea, pop over and have a word.

Meanwhile, those who have to endure the M1 at peak times of day may find themselves grinding along a little slower than usual thanks to a plan to restrict top speeds to 60mph. But this isn't about safety or congestion for once. The government claims this is to help reduce pollution along a stretch of the M1 between junction 28 and junction 35a. [BBC]

Image credit: Motorway from Shutterstock