Some of Intel's Coolest CES Wearables Actually Had ARM Inside

By Mario Aguilar on at

Last week at CES, Intel showed off some impressive concepts for wearable tech that might someday change the world into a sci-fi dream. The catch? PCMag reports that the ambitious designs weren't entirely Intel tech.

According to PCMag, they received an insider tip that Intel's Jarvis smart headset actually used and ARM-based chip inside, rather than an Intel design. Contacted for comment, Intel confirmed that some of the wearable hardware used "third-party parts." That's not exactly a confirmation that the smart headset used ARM, but it certainly sounds like a deflection.

Now this doesn't matter much except that the company heavily implied that it was showing off pure Intel technology. Part of the point of the demos was to show off new Intel Quark and Edison processors, and it's embarrassing that maybe they didn't. At the same time, it's not that big a deal. Intel has a license to ARM architecture, and it's not that odd that the company would prototype with other chipsets before releasing a product. It's just a little embarrassing that in such a pro-Intel shindig, ARM was behind the scenes doing some of the heavy lifting. [PCMag]