Spotify-Rivalling Beats Music Opens Up Shop, But UK Music Fans Left Waiting

By Gerald Lynch on at

You wants Beats Music? You gots Beat Music. If you live in the US that is. The audio company's new streaming service went live in the US this morning ahead of an expected global release, though there's no confirmed date yet on when its 20 million songs will be available to UK listeners.

Pricing is set at $10 a month from the off, or $15 for a five-user family plan. That more-or-less lines up with Spotify's two-tiered pricing approach, suggesting a UK Beats Music release would mirror Spotify's £4.99/£9.99 pricing models. With human-powered curation, the service hopes to distinguish itself from the Spotify and iTunes and those services' robotic recommendations. Let's see if that proves to be the case. [Beats]