Strippers Got Too Naked and Kidnapped Their Boss for Money

By Gary Cutlack on at

A court has heard that three strippers kidnapped the organiser of a grim hostess event, after he failed to pay them their share of the takings. The manager claims the girls took off too many clothes, breaking the terms of their agreement. So he kept the £42,000 for himself.

The money to pay for the dancers came from a wealthy visitor to the National Hunt Festival in Cheltenham, where the three ladies were hired by a local club to provide evening entertainment for race goers. The organiser claims the hired honeys broke the conditions of the club night by removing their nipple tassels, resulting in the club getting shut down because it didn't have a full nudity license.

Things then turned even more grim, when the ladies, their manager and a pair of "heavies" are alleged to have turned up at the man's workplace, forced him into a car and robbed him of his watch, roughing him up a bit over the course of two and a half hours and making him transfer money to the manager's account. [BBC]

Image credit: Lapdance from Shutterstock