Struggling Nintendo Shifts Fewer Wii Us in a Year Than PS4 or Xbox One Managed in Two Months

By Gerald Lynch on at

3 million Xbox Ones and 4.2 million PS4s have been sold since launch roughly two months ago. But across the whole of 2013, just 2.8 million Nintendo Wii U consoles were sold. Yikes.

A £9.05 million operating loss was recorded between April and December 2013 for the Mario house. As a result, Nintendo head honcho Satoru Iwata will now have his salary cut in half to help balance the books, while a number of other senior executives will have their pay packages cut by 20-30 per cent.

Clouds and silver linings, though -- the 3DS continues to perform well, with Nintendo shifting 12.9 million of the handhelds across the year. Regardless, we wouldn't be surprised if investors are waving smartphones and tablets underneath the noses of Iwata and company right about now.  [Nintendo]