Haribo's Sugar-Free Gummy Bears Cause "Colon-Shredding Rage"

By Gary Cutlack on at

The clear warning that the sugar-free version of Haribo's Gummy Bears "can cause intestinal distress" due to the laxative effects of the product's sweetener didn't stop plenty of Amazon buyers eating loads of them. Which is handy, as the reviews thread is now a comedy goldmine of sweet eaters describing their most horrific poo moments.

Despite (or perhaps because of) the clear warnings in the Amazon description and on the product label itself, its buyer review section now features hundreds of comments akin to: "Be sure to also buy a tub of Oxyclean with this to get the blood and diarrhoea stains out of your underwear, clothes, furniture, pets, loved ones, ceiling fans."

Some are genuine, some are obvious works of fan fiction, plus there are quite a few recycled urban myths to do with unfortunate bowel situations popping up. Good reading all the same, though, especially if you haven't already enjoyed the "private jet" anecdote. [Amazon via The Register]