T-Mobile Customers' Pay-As-You-Go Minutes, Data and Texts Wiped Out By Glitch

By Gerald Lynch on at

Pay-as-you-go minutes, texts and data have become "where-did-they-go?" minutes, texts and data for T-Mobile customers this week, as a glitch in the network operator's systems has seen its customers suffering from disappearing pay-as-you-go bundles.

The EE message board (umbrella overlord of Orange and T-Mobile) was flooded with angry users complaining that their credit top-ups had inexplicably disappeared. The problems seemed to arise on Thursday morning, and relate to customers purchasing the T-Mobile Smart Pack adds-ons, which offer pay-as-you-go bundles of data, calls and texts.

While eventually managing to deliver a fix, many customers are still angered by T-Mobile's poor customer service over the matter. T-Mobile has remained tight lipped over possible refunds for affected users, while the company has yet to offer a full explanation as to what caused the problem. From mothers unable to contact the teachers of ill children at school to numerable customers left with all-but-useless handsets, T-Mobile has a bit more explaining to do before the fury of those affected is sated.