Tesco Mobile to Offer "Free" 4G Mobile Data

By Gerald Lynch on at

Super-fast mobile broadband will be available at no extra cost to Tesco Mobile users today, as the supermarket's mobile spin-off follows in the footsteps of Three UK and its own "free" 4G offerings.

The "free" 4G, of course, isn't a total costless free-for-all pillaging of Tesco's data services (as an MVNO, Tesco's mobile infrastructure is provided by O2). Rather, Tesco is now dropping its previous £2.50 surcharge that was added on top of its 4G contracts. As such, you can now bag a 4G SIM-only deal with Tesco from as little as £7.50 a month (though that gets you just 250 minutes, 5,000 texts and a measly 500MB of data -- you could burn through that in a few minutes over 4G). As you'd imagine, a useful amount of data will cost you considerably more.

Still, it's another important step forward for 4G services in the UK. With Three UK also offering cost-free upgrades to its speedier services, this may prompt other networks to ditch their 4G surcharges too.