The Internet's a Gift From God, Claims Technically-Unaware Pope

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Pope's come out as an unlikely contributor to World Communications Day, suggesting the internet is "a gift from God" but one that "exceeds our capacity for reflection and judgement" thanks to its speed and omnipresence.

In a long message about the rights and wrongs of modern communications, Pope Francis warns of the dangers of instant access to every form of opinion, saying it: "...enables people to barricade themselves behind sources of information which only confirm their own wishes and ideas," a process that can cause people to lose their bearings. He must've been reading the comments.

The Pope's quite keen on the internet in general, though, suggesting that a modern approach to communication may effectively turn everyone into a local good samaritan, able to reach out to his or her fellow man at times of need. So he obviously hasn't been reading the comments. [Vatican via The Register]

Image credit: The Pope from Shutterstock