The iRing is an iOS MIDI-Motion Controller for Your Fingers

By Gerald Lynch on at

Along with the iWatch, an iOS-compatible ring is among the most often-rumoured pieces of forthcoming tech alleged to be in testing at Apple's Cupertino HQ. It turns out the rumours were true! But it won't be coming from Apple.

IK Multimedia has been showing off its own iOS iRing at CES this week. A two sided piece worn between two fingers, it uses a series of dots on either of its two faces to allow an iPhone or iPad camera to track the wearer's hand. The differing dot patterns on both sides of the device allow for two separate sets of control parameters to be used at once (triggering different commands by showing different sides of the iRing), as well as allowing for complex and precise X/Y/Z positional and proximity tracking too. In other words, six gestures can be mapped to the ring -- a left/right and up/down movement control on either side, as well as one to trigger a command if the ring moves within a certain range of the iOS device.

Though initially designed as a MIDI-controller for IK Multimedia's iRing FX/Control application, an SDK is being offered up for the device with a free licensing program that could see the ring eventually be used in other areas, such as fitness and gaming. At CES, IK Multimedia was itself demoing Pong played with the iRing as a means of showcasing its potential.

For now though, its partnered app will allow musicians to tweak studio effects such as Delay, Phaser, Flanger, Compression, Fuzz, Reverb, and AutoWah with the wave of a hand. I can't be the only person that hopes it has a theremin in there too, right?

Keep an eye out for IK Multimedia's iRing in stores by the Spring, with a price tag likely around the £20 mark. [The Register]