The Low-Oil Chip Frying Machine Fits Even Better on Your Counter Now

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Realising that not everyone needs an appliance capable of frying up a family-sized portion of wings or chips, Tefal has scaled back the capacity and size of its Actifry with a new Mini version that's roughly 21 per cent smaller. Like its larger predecessors the Mini still needs just a spoonful oil to work its magic, but is designed to serve up smaller portions while being slightly more portable.

However, because its capacity has been reduced to just 600 grams, Tefal found a way to improve the airflow of the hot air in the Mini—which is used to heat and evenly spread the oil around. As a result, the new model cooks about 25 percent faster than the larger Actifry models, which means your lightly-fried food will be ready in about 20 minutes.

The Tefal Actify Mini is available for £169.99 from John Lewis. [Tefal]

The Low-Oil Frying Machine Fits Even Better on Your Counter Now