CES 2014: The Only Gadgets Worthy of Your Eyesight

By Kat Hannaford on at

For the second year running, wearable technology looks set to steal the show at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, held in Vegas. That's not to say the usual array of super-sharp (and expensive) TVs aren't present, along with the usual tablets, laptops, smartphones, cameras, oh, and Bluetooth-connected toothbrushes... Here's an ever-updating list of what you need to look at.


TVs and Home Cinema

- Dolby Vision Will Make Sure Your TV’s Colours and Brightness are Right. Read More >>
- Netflix Will Stream House of Cards on LG TVs in 4K. Read More >>
- Sharp’s New Quattron Plus TV Isn’t 4K, But it Can Fake It. Read More >>
- I Want Samsung’s First Curved Monitor (to be More Awesome) Read More >>
- LG’s Bringing Back WebOS to Run its Smart TVs. Read More >>
- Panasonic 4K Life+Screen Television Eyes-On: Life After Plasma Read More >>
- Samsung Glorious 8K QUHD TV Will Show You the Meaning of Infinity Read More >>
- Sony’s Dreamy Life Space UX Projector Beams a 4K Display From Up Close Read More >>
- Sony’s Brand New 4K TVs: No Gimmicks, Just Beautiful Read More >>
- All of Netflix’s Original Content Will be Shot in 4K From Now On Read More >>
- Hands On: I Just Fell In Love With LG’s Flexible 4K OLED TVs Read More >>
- LG’s WebOS TV Hands-On: An Awesome Resurrection Read More >>
- Eyes On: Sony’s Ultra Short-Throw 4K Projector Sure Lights Up a Room Read More >>
- Sharp 8K Glasses-Free 3D Eyes-On: Future is Hard Read More >>



- Panasonic’s Latest Toughpad Almost Looks Downright Dainty. Read More >>
- These Tiny Ozobots are the Scalextric For the iPad Generation Read More >>
- Hands On: Samsung’s New NotePRO Tablet is Like Surface for Android Read More >>



- Thank God They’re Finally Dressing Fujifilm’s Awesome X100S in Black. Read More >>
- Fujifilm’s Instax Printer Turns Phone Snaps Into Instant Film Photos. Read More >>
- Samsung’s Got a Babysitter Cam That’ll Survive Outside Your House. Read More >>
- D-Link’s Nightvision Baby Cam Can Play Lullabies for Restless Kids. Read More >>
- This is Nikon’s New Flagship D4S
- Polaroid’s Socialmatic Camera is all About Sharing Your Shots Read More >>
- Sony AX100: The 4K Camcorder Race Heats Up Read More >>
- Sony’s Latest Action Cam Has an Awesome Wrist-Mounted Controller Read More >>
- Sony A5000: Cheap, Super Tiny Mirrorless Camera Awesomeness Read More >>
- Steadicam’s Curve Makes Your GoPro Vids as Smooth as Silk Read More >>
- This is Panasonic’s Future 4K Video Micro Four Thirds Camera Read More >>


Audio and Headphones

- Easily Update Ancient Stereos With ION Audio’s Bluetooth Cassette Read More >>
- Vizio’s New Bluetooth Speakers Have Android KitKat Tablets Built-In. Read More >>
- Monster’s 24K Headphones are Even More Ridiculously Pimp Read More >>
- 50 Cent Would Like to Talk To You About His Headphones Read More >>
- Hands On Bang & Olufsen’s BeoSound Essence: A Light-Switch For Music Read More >>



- Lenovo Just Made the X1 Carbon Cooler. Read More >>
- LaCie’s Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2 is as Fast as External Drives Get. Read More >>
- Seagate’s Batch of Slim New Drives Will Back-Up Your Phone. Read More >>
- This Trewgrip Backwards Keyboard Gives You an Absurd New Way to Type. Read More >>
- The Biggest Chromebook Yet is Still Super Cheap. Read More >>
- LaCie’s Silver-Plated Steel Sphère Houses 1TB of External Storage. Read More >>
- Razer’s Modular Desktop Makes Building a PC Like Playing With Lego Read More >>
- These Colourful Computer Glasses Are Fun! But, Uh, Computer Glasses Read More >>
- LaCie’s Culbuto Flash Drive Wobbles But it Won’t Ever Fall Down Read More >>
- A Glimpse at Intel’s Future: Being Inside… Everything Read More >>
- Samsung’s ATIV Book 9 Gets a Bigger Screen and Killer Battery Life Read More >>
- Kingston Squeezed 64GB Onto This Tiny Android-Friendly Flash Drive Read More >>
- AMD Will Run Android and Windows on the Same PC, Too Read More >>
- Intel Dual OS: Stuffing Android and Windows Into the Same PC Read More >>
- Sony’s Vaio Flip 11: Shrunk Down and Loaded Up With Photoshop Read More >>
- You Might Actually Be Able to Afford a 4K Monitor Soon Read More >>
- These Are the Brains of the Next Bitcoin Mining Monster Read More >>
- Toshiba Crammed 5 Computers in its Shape-Shifting Concept 5-in-1 PC Read More >>



- LG’s Fitness Tracker: Looks Like a Fitbit, Works Like a Smartwatch. Read More >>
- A Bracelet to Keep You Safe From the Sun and Tell You What SPF to Use. Read More >>
- Razer’s Got a Hot New…Fitness Band?
- Sony’s Tiny Activity Tracker is Adorable and…Emotional? Read More >>
- Casio’s Sporty Bluetooth Watch Lets You Glimpse Your Fitness App Stats Read More >>
- This Toothbrush is a Vibrator You Stick in Your Mouth Read More >>
- Mio is Bringing Heart Rate Monitoring to Your Wristband Read More >>



- Playing Video Games With Your Eyes: Not As Cool As You’d Hope. Yet. Read More >>
- I Wore the New Oculus Rift and I Never Want to Look at Real Life Again Read More >>
- 13 Steam Boxes, Ranked
- This is Alienware’s Steam Machine
- Hands On With the Steam Controller: Gloriously Bizarre Read More >>
- PlayStation Now Brings Gaikai PS3, PS2 Game Streaming to PS4 Read More >>
- PlayStation Now Hands On: Hey This Thing Actually Works Read More >>



- Garmin’s Tiny Dash Cam Never Forgets Where or What Happened in a Crash. Read More >>
- Water Vapour Will Be the Only Emission From Toyota’s New Fuel Cell Car Read More >>
- Audi Shows Off the Brains of its Future Self-Driving Cars Read More >>
- SwiftKey Embeds Itself into the Clarion AX1 Android Car Radio Read More >>
- Strap This Wind Turbine To Your Electric Car and You Can Drive Forever Read More >>


Everything Else

- Griffin’s PowerMate Knob Controller Finally Goes Wireless. Read More >>
- D-Link’s Tiny 802.11AC Router Turns Tethered Internet Into Usable Wi-Fi. Read More >>
- Qualcomm’s New Snapdragon Chips Will Power TVs and Cars, Not Your Phone. Read More >>
- This Haptic Tech Might Make Mobile Keyboards Actually Work Read More >>
- LG Home Chat: One Service to Tell All Your Appliances What to Do. Read More >>
- Pebble Steel Brings Some Sophisticated Style to the Smartwatch Scene. Read More >>
- Withings Aura: An Alarm Clock That Helps You Wake Up and Fall Asleep. Read More >>
- FLIR Just Turned Your iPhone 5 Into a Predator-Like Thermal Camera. Read More >>
- You Can Have a Zack Morris Brick Phone Without Going Back in Time Read More >>
- Hands On Epson’s Moverio BT-200: Augmented Reality Lite Read More >>
- Intel RealSense: How a Chip Maker Will Turn the World Into a Hologram Read More >>
- MakerBot Mini: A Smaller 3D Printer You Can Maybe Actually Afford Read More >>
- Sony Xperia Z1 Compact: Same Specs, But Now Less of a Handful Read More >>
- Why Mop When a Genius Robot Can Do it Better? Read More >>
- Hands On the MOSS Robotic Building Toy: A Kickstarter That Delivers
- The iRing is an iOS MIDI-Motion Controller for Your Fingers Read More >>
- WWE Has its Own Network Now, And it’s an All-You-Can-Eat Suplex Buffet
- The Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern Gets a Colourful Follow-Up Read More >>
- RoboCop Steals the Show at CES 2027 Read More >>
- A Giant e-Ink Digital Clock Powered By a Tiny Watch Battery Read More >>
- This Is the Biggest Goddamn Smartwatch I’ve Ever Seen In My Life Read More >>