The Queen's Cleaner Only Barely Makes Minimum Wage

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK's monarchy is advertising for a new travelling cleaner, although with a starting salary of just £14,400 for a 40-hour week you'd be better off down your local ASDA or staying at home pretending to be unemployable.

The royal job itself is for a Housekeeping Assistant, with the successful applicant earning the non-royal sum of just under £7 an hour. Accommodation is included as part of the deal, though, so if you get a series of flash bedsits to stay in for free as you travel the country dusting ornaments for the poshos that's at least something.

What it lacks in take-home pay it should make up for in generating interesting anecdotes, as the listing says workers will have "contact with members of the Royal Family." Although we suspect whacking photos of the Queen's laundry on Twitter might be against the Ts and Cs. [Hello!]

Image credit: Buckingham Palace from Shutterstock