The Voices of Stephen Fry and Other Celebs to be Saved for All Times Through Wikipedia

By Gerald Lynch on at

Wikipedia's listings on the lives of notable public figures are the crowd-sourced saviours of many a history homework essay, but many are lacking in rich media. For the school students of the year 2050, things will be very different.

Wikipedia has embarked on an effort to get voice recordings of a host of well-known people, kicking off with actor and presenter Stephen Fry. The noted tech geek, host of Q.I and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug star has recorded a few lines for the site's database, which can be listened to here. What a lovely voice!

According to the Wikipedia Commons page for the Wikipedia Voice Into Project (WikiVIP), the idea is that visitors in the future will "know what notable people sound like and how they pronounce their own names," potentially long after their deaths.

While the likes of Stephen Fry have been recorded, both on film and just over audio, countless times, Wikipedia has pages for thousands of important people from around the globe whose lives are not spent in front of a camera or microphone. If it manages to record a significant number of them it could become a very rich resource for future researchers. [Wikipedia]

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