The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

The last week has seen a great many terrible things happen; rampant flooding, storms, the return to work after the Christmas break, and of course the end of the Steam sale. Steam really has revolutionised the way we buy and play games hasn't it? But you know what else has had a similar sort of impact? Apps and mobile gaming. Speaking of which, here's this week's list:


iPhone Apps

Endomondo: This one is your usual mobile fitness app --- it tracks you whilst out on runs, cycling, whatever your pain -- it's there. The recent update now means that users with a premium subscription can now access more statistics on their past workouts in the form of graphs, as well as much improved audio coaches to help you along your workout. [Free -- with optional subscription]

Omni Study: We're coming up to exam season in the academic world, which will be closely followed by a brand new term. Students out there might want to get their hands on Omni Study. Designed to be the ultimate planning tool, Omni Study will keep track of lesson schedules, assignments, important events, and even your grades. Add iCloud and iCal into the mix and you can sync all your info across multiple devices. [£0.99]

Busuu: An app with 11 different languages for you to learn, covering 150 everyday topics and 3,000 different phrases. The great thing about Busuu is you can practice various phrases and submit them to its community for feedback. Previously the languages were contained in different apps. As of now they're all conveniently together in the same place. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Curious for iPhone: Has there ever been a skill that you just wish you had? Something you want to learn but can't quite find the time? Sounds like you need Curious. Curious is a cool little app filled with thousands of lessons from people around the world, covering a wide range of topics. Lessons include the likes of how to craft jewellery, how to play guitar, photography, and countless others. Even if there isn't anything you think you want to learn, there is so much included that you may find skills that you never knew you wanted. [Free]

Ruzzle:  A multiplayer word game, the goal being to search a 4x4 letter square and find as many words as possible in two minutes -- and get more than your opponent of course. Ruzzle is also available in 14 different languages, so you'll be playing people from all across the world. Technology is amazing isn't it? [Free]


iPad Apps

Flow for Instagram: Instagram may be great for taking pictures on the iPhone, but the iPad is a different story. Flow is an Instagram client specifically designed and optimised for the iPad, ensuring you have the best experience browsing on the larger screen. Just really try not to be one of those people who can't stop taking photos on a tablet. [Free]

Novation Launchpad: A music app, allowing you to embrace your inner DJ, letting you remix the music from your iTunes library. The latest updates brings in some handy new features, including the option to share via Dropbox, Soundcloud, and email, as well as the option of recording your work within the app itself. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Barefoot World Atlas: A cool little app aimed at teaching kids Geography, Barefoot World Atlas lets you jetset to hundreds of regions across the world, from the comfort of your sofa. The latest updates expands to include North America, the world's biggest cities, and puzzles to help kids test their knowledge. [£2.99]

Sonic & All-stars Racing: Every kid friendly gaming franchise seems to have a racing game these days, even ones that don't make any sort of sense. Why does Sonic even need a car? He's the only hedgehog in the world fast enough to need to wear running shoes. Whatever. With 10 different characters, multiple levels, single player challenges, and multiplayer, this is everything you could need from a cartoon racing game. [£2.99 -- with in-app purchases

Feed Me Oil 2: A cool little puzzle game where the aim is to guide oil from a pump into a designated area using a variety of tools and gadgets. The sequel introduces a whole host of new features including water physics, new tools, and of course new puzzles to complete. [£1.99 -- with in-app purchases]


Android Apps

Fancy: A unique shopping experience, Fancy is a catalogue of products selected in a way described as "crowd curating." In other words everything here has been recommended, at some point, by another consumer. Whether you're using it to buy, or just to browse it's a cool little app to have. [Free]

Dark Legends: Vampires have got a very bad rap over the past few years, especially thanks to certain 'authors' and subsequent film adaptations. Dark Legends is a mobile MMORPG that should give a smidgen of credibility back to the genre. Vampires have been hunted to near extinction, and it's your job to fight back the human forces and bring the vampire race back to glory. [Free]

The Pirate Bay Premium: While it has the stigma of illegal file sharing, torrenting is still an effective way of sharing data easily over long distances. The Pirate Bay Premium will let you get past any existing blocks, giving you access to their entire library. Just try not to do anything illegal ok? [£1.49]

Assassin's Creed - Pirates: Assassin's Creed 4 came out last year, featuring a heavy naval presence and a large amount of seafaring gameplay. This tie in is remotely similar; set in the golden age of piracy, you take control of a lowly pirate captain and battle your way through the Caribbean over 50 levels. But the question is, will you be able to defeat the great pirates of legend and dominate the region? [£2.99]

Scotchy Scotch Toss:  Scotchy Scotch Toss is of course here to tie in with the release of Anchorman 2. It's an interesting take on the movie-tie-in-app in that the goal is not utilising a format that has already been overused. Instead the goal is to flick ice cubes into Ron's glass of Scotch to supply him with some refreshment. For fans of the man himself, the app also features 300 unique lines recorded specially by Will Ferrell. [£0.61]


Windows Phone Apps

Casio Scientific Calculator: Remember those teachers at at school who used to have a go at you for not being interested in maths? They usually said something along the lines of, "You need to know this, you won't have a calculator in your pocket all the time." Well, joke's on them. In any case the bog standard calculator doesn't always have everything you need. Enter the scientific calculator --- and this one is modelled after one of the best. [Free]

LG Remote: For those of you who have an LG Smart TV, this is an app you will need. It turns your phone into a remote control so you don't have to worry about losing your remote down the back of the sofa. [£1.99]

Google+: Google has pretty much made it mandatory for you to have a Google+ account. You need it to leave reviews on Google Play, or to comment on YouTube. Might as well download the app so you can manage your account on-the-go. [Free]

Photo Locker Free: A simple little app that will add that extra level of security to your photos. Photo Locker Free will safeguard your photos behind your own custom pattern lock so no-one can get access to your precious memories except you. [Free]