The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

Finding the best new Android apps isn't a simple task. Google Play isn't regularly updated judging by the Top New Apps not having changed since mid-December. Luckily, I have delved deep into murky waters of the various app stores and picked some winners so you don't have to.


iPhone Apps

Interviewy: Anyone who has ever been an interviewer will tell you that transcribing is a real grind. Decent voice-to-text software is expensive, so any way to speed up the process is a godsend. Interviewy will record the entirety of your interview and let you tag the important bits as they're happening for quick access later on. Best of all, Interviewy will automatically sync to iCloud to keep all of your recordings safe and sound. [Free]

Horizon: It seems to be sinking in with wider society that recording video with a phone held vertically is a major faux-pas. Horizon will always record horizontal video, regardless of the phone's orientation, forcing the tech-inept user to hold it horizontally to get the full view. A great step in the right direction – now all we need is an app that stops people from recording video from an iPad. [£0.69]

iCa: Gizmon have released iCa, a collection of Bluetooth accessories for the iPhone to help you take better and more professional shots on your phone. The companion app is available to give you full control over your kit and help you get the best shots possible. [Free]

Freesat: The Freesat app has full seven-day listings for over 190 TV and radio channels, recommendations on the night's viewings and access to a whole host of on-demand channels. Those with a Freetime TV box can turn their phone into a remote control, stream on-demand programmes from the phone onto the TV screen as well as managing recorded programmes while on the go. [Free]

Wordeo: A messaging app to give a little flair and showmanship to your communications. Watch as your words are turned into a swanky looking video message for a unique messaging experience. Choose from numerous stock video clips, or your own, throw in a soundtrack and voilà! A snazzy little video message to share with friends. [Free]


iPad Apps

Fotopedia: Fotopedia is designed to help the travelling smart-device holder discover all sorts of delights of their destination. In the form of a magazine, the slick app is filled to the brim with images and descriptions of thousands of topics, including travel, wildlife, food, and entertainment. The latest version for the iPad has been redesigned from scratch to make it easier to search and create content. [Free]

Storehouse: Storehouse combines pictures, videos and text from Flickr, Dropbox, Instagram or your own camera roll to create wonderfully presented stories that you can share with whomever you see fit.  [Free]

Hip Hop Hen: A learning app for very young children, Hip Hop Hen utilises flashcards with colourful, engaging images and sounds that will help kids learn while still having fun. The app teaches kids to read and pronounce every letter of the alphabet, as well as the nine consonant digraphs that constantly appear in the English language (th, ch, ck etc). [£2.99]

Fitocracy Macros: Many weight loss regimes emphasise counting calories. Fitocracy Macros is instead aimed at counting your intake of macronutrients (or macros). By targeting macros, rather than calories, it's designed to keep you full and energetic while stripping away the fat. [Free]

Tag Notate: This one is more than a simple PDF reader. Tag Notate functions as any normal PDF reader app would do, but also has a notation function which lets you highlight and makes notes on the content. If you read a lot of PDF articles, whether as eBooks or research articles, then this app is essential. [£1.99]


Android Apps

Sooqini: Sooqini is great idea: a social network designed around getting odd jobs done. Whether it's cleaning, admin, or research – it's a great way to hire someone who will complete a task or to find one yourself to bring in extra cash. While all the in-person jobs are currently London based, there are online jobs on offer too. However, if you are looking to hire it will require a subscription. [Free]

Pyrography: A cool little app designed to simulate Pyrography in full. You can use the app to create your own cool designs; whether they're based on your own photographs or drawn freehand. Share them on social media or put them on display. A must for any creative types out there. [£0.64]

Magus Free 3D Gesture Launcher: A great way to control and customise your phone, Magus allows gestures to perform a variety of tasks on your device. Whether it's unlocking, taking a photo, or controlling your music. Some of these are useful, others are more for fun – in any case it's a great little app and could easily be used to wow your friends. [Free]

Vizilife: The perfect all in one organisation app, Vizilife has your tasks, notes, events, projects and contacts all in one convenient place. The app also allows you to link them together. Link contacts who are going to a specific event or link notes to a specific task so you can keep track of your brainstorms. [Free]

Cleanmaster Security: There are plenty of anti-virus apps available for Android devices, many of which offer basically the same thing: scanning apps as they download, and scanning your device for malicious files. Cleanmaster does both of these, but with one important bonus feature – it will protect you while you're browsing by blocking malicious URLs and known phishing websites. A great way to ensure that mobile browsing is kept secure. [Free]


Windows Phone Apps

Zapper: On the surface it may seem like Zapper is your run-of-the-mill QR code reader, but it has two distinct features that make it unique in the sea of QR reader apps: Scan-to-Login and Scan-to-Pay. Scan-to-Login means that you can login to websites who utilise Zapper's system by scanning a QR code. Scan-to-Pay will let you securely pay bills directly from your 'ZapZap' wallet by scanning a QR code. Pretty cool if you ask me, and definitely beats remembering passwords. [Free]

Covercam: Facebook's cover photo has been around for a while. You can get templates to design your own – but the hassle of messing around in image editing software isn't for everyone. Covercam takes all the hard work out of the equation and crops and edits photos so they're perfectly aligned for your Facebook profile. Best of all, the app can also be used to turn existing Facebook photos into brand new cover photos. [£0.79]

Barclays Mobile Banking: If you're a Barclay's current account customer, then this app is here to organise your finances on-the-go without having to go through the nuisance of not-so-user-friendly mobile browsers. You just need your account number, sort code, and access to a Barclays cash machine and systems are go. [Free]

Sochi 2014 Guide: The Winter Olympics are coming up and you might have tickets to the games, or you may want to keep-up from home. For those heading to Russia, the app functions as a guide to ensure you can navigate the Games quickly and effectively. If you're not, then you can use the app to keep up-to-date in real-time with the app's push notifications. [Free]

Quiet Hours: There are certain times of the day when you don't want your phone disturbing you with a noisy notification – the middle of the night, for instance. The problem is you might forget to turn the alerts back on, so Quiet Hours will take care of that for you. Simply set the hours you don't want to be disturbed and there you have it – no interruptions for you. [Free]