The World's Biggest Coffee Drinkers, Visualised

By Jamie Condliffe on at

If you think you drink a lot of coffee, think again. While over in the US they might pride themselves as being a nation fuelled by the stuff, it turns out that other countries beat it hands down.

This map, created by Quartz using data from Euromonitor, reveals that the US doesn't even make into the top 15 coffee drinking nations. In fact, US residents average just 0.931 cups of coffee per day—which compares poorly with the Dutch, who top the leaderboard by drinking a jitter-inducing 2.414. Here in the UK, where we are known for our incessant tea consumption, we apparently are only drinking just 0.389 cups a day.

You can see the full run down in the bar chart below, also from Quartz. [Quartz]

The World's Biggest Coffee Drinkers, Visualized