These Computer-Guided "Smart" Rifles Will Make Anyone a Crack Shot

By Gerald Lynch on at

Not every soldier out there is a quick-drawing Billy The Kid -- some need a little more help when it comes to dealing death on the battlefield. A new breed of computer-aided weaponry could however, for better or worse, help make sure that their aim is true.

The US Army is said to be in negotiations with computer-guided smart weapons specialists startup TrackingPoint. The US Army has apparently bought six of the company's rifles, which come equipped with a Linux computer embedded in the scope. Alongside a number of sensors which can calculate atmospheric, weather, wind and ground inclination readings, the guns can be used to "tag" a target before guiding the shooter to the optimum aiming angle and firing moment to ensure a direct hit.

It's scary, future-of-killing stuff, seemingly ripped straight form the pages of a sci-fi comic. But the weapon line's mass-usage is some way off yet -- each gun is said to cost between $10,000/£6,000 and $27,000/£16,500, making it unlikely to be standard issue for the grunts anytime soon. [Defensetech via NBC News via Engadget]