These Redesigned Acme Products are Beautifully Useless

By Jack Tomlin on at

Wile E. Coyote and his seemingly never-ending chase for the Road Runner has to be one of the most iconic cartoon pairings of all time. Almost nearly as renowned is the fictional company Acme that tirelessly pumped out the bizarre tools to help Coyote catch his ever elusive prey, to varying degrees of failure. Now a designer has taken the idea of those contraptions and refigured them – producing beautifully detailed technical diagrams.

Daniel Weil of design firm Pentagram was inspired by a classic humour article, written by Ian Frazier of The New Yorker, in which a mock opening statement of a lawsuit is presented as Wile E. Coyote attempting to sue Acme for the persistent failure of their products. This gave Weil an idea.

As a project for the company's Christmas Card, Weil decided to pair the original text of Frazier's piece with his newly drafted diagrams as a fun way of defending Acme in the imaginary lawsuit.

“I created products as though I was a designer for Acme, making sure that functionally things would work,” he explains “The drawings are meant to undermine Coyote’s claims.”

Weil says he took his inspiration from the drawings of classic McMaster-Carr catalogues which came full of photo-realistic exploded views of almost any technical product out there.

With these images in hand Weil can sleep easy knowing he has provided ample evidence for a fictional legal battle for a fictional company that supplies fictional battling creatures. In fact, we can all sleep more easily now. Meep Meep! [Wired]