Think Our Weather is Bad? In Saudi Arabia it's Raining Human Body Parts

By Gerald Lynch on at

So, things are a little wet here in the UK at the moment. But that's nothing. You've heard the expression "raining cats and dogs", right? Well, in Saudi Arabia it's raining human body parts.

Terrified residents of the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia contacted local authorities after human remains fell out of the sky, landing in the road in the Mushrefa neighbourhood at about 2.30 am on Sunday morning. Though we won't post them here, locals took photos of the scene, appearing in some Arabian media reports and quickly spreading over social media networks.

It seems the body parts belonged to a stowaway in a passenger jet's wheel bay, a journey that almost always results in the stowaway freezing to death once cruising altitude has been reached. Saudi Arabian aviation officials have a lot on their plates of late, with this latest event coming soon after a Saudi Arabian Airlines plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Medina, injuring 29 people. [Metro]

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