This Righteous Vectorscope Clock Brings Analogue Back to the Future

By Eric Limer on at

Back in the day, vectorscopes used to measure the quality of analog video signals. Needless to say, that's not exactly something we need done very often today. But some lucky old vectorscopes get cool second lives, in the form of an awesome retro clock.

Aaron of Oscilloclocks is no stranger to turning old-school oscilloscopes into slightly-newer school clocks, and his latest build—the Tek 520A VectorClock—is a real beaut. The kind of clock you'd just love to have under your old 70s stereo receiver.

Aaron tries to respect the history of all the 'scope corpses he resurrects into clocks, and the VectorClock is no different; it utilises the device's original circuit in its entirety with modifications stacked on top. And if you want to own it, it's up for sale. But the price is on request only, so you can bet it's a pretty penny. Wishing you could own one, on the other hand, is free. [Oscilloclock via Hack a Day]