This Terrible Photo Might be the First Galaxy S5 Camera Shot

By Chris Mills on at

One of the new pasttimes of people with too much time appears to be trawling photo-upload sites, looking at metadata to find photos uploaded from prototype phones. The latest jackpot (if it's not some oh-so-funny internet prankster) would seem to be this incredibly fuzzy photo of a thumb, uploaded to Flipboard, apparently from a Galaxy S5.

This could entirely be a hoax: EXIF data is easy to change, and to be totally pedantic, the format of the EXIF data on the 'leaked' photo doesn't perfectly match Samsung's normal EXIF data format. This one is labelled SAMSUNG-SM-G900-V, whereas convention on other Samsung devices is just model number, so GT-I9100, for example. That could be chalked up either to being a pre-production model, a careless oversight, or the possibility this could just be someone yanking the internet's collective chain.

Assuming for a moment that this photo is the real deal, the only thing it really tells us is the resolution -- 5312x2988, which at a 16:9 ratio, would suggest a 16MP camera. However, this is most likely a cropped image -- most phone cameras have a more conventional 4:3 aspect ratio, which would mean a 20MP camera. That's right in line with what other leaks have suggested, which I suppose lends this otherwise-shaky rumour the tiniest grain of truth. [Flipboard via Evleaks via Phonearena]