This Trewgrip Backwards Keyboard Gives You an Absurd New Way to Type

By Casey Chan on at

The Trewgrip mobile QWERTY keyboard for iOS and Android devices is absurd. It's a handheld keyboard that puts the keys behind the board but arranges the letter in a weird way that somehow makes sense. So you hold the keyboard like you would a game pad and type by pressing keys on the back. It tries to make sense without making sense.

Though the keys look like they're in a completely random order, they're actually laid out in QWERTY. If you place your index fingers starting on the F and the J key, the rest of your fingers will align to how they'd be on a keyboard (ASDF for the left hand, JKL; for the right hand). Basically a standard keyboard is split and rotated around. It's a weird way to look at typing but the idea is to keep handheld devices like phones and tablets handheld (albeit with an overly large handheld accessory).

The prototype (it's not expected to go on sale until Q4 of this year) connects to both iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth and has a battery that'll last a day of heavy use. Trewgrip says that once you learn its typing method (and it takes about 10 hours of practice), you can add about 15 words per minute to your typing (compared to an on-screen keyboard). It could work for situations where you don't want an ordinary keyboard. Like if you're on the couch or something. I guess.

It's going to cost a fortune though, the backwards keyboard is expected to retail for £150 to £215. Crazy keyboard, crazy price.

This Trewgrip backwards keyboard gives you an absurd new way to type

This Trewgrip backwards keyboard gives you an absurd new way to type