This Xbox One Tips and Tricks Video Shows Off Amazing Things Microsoft Won't Tell You Your Console Can Do

By Gerald Lynch on at

If you bought an Xbox One on launch day, chances are that you've now played all your games for it to death, and exhausted the media options currently available on the console. But there is still a tonne of neat things the console can do that Microsoft isn't singing from the hilltops, and that this great video exposes.

Now, granted, not all of these features are available in the UK yet (anything to do with the TV guide being the obvious ones) and some require separate hardware. But there are enough tips here to squeeze a few more quid's worth of fun out of your newest toy. Using the SmartGlass app to play old Atari games, for instance, is a genius trick, and should work with just about any SmartGlass-compatible smartphone or tablet. More info can be found at the YouTube source. [YouTube]