Three UK Price Hike Undermines Free 4G Roll-Out

By Gerald Lynch on at

Three UK neatly positioned itself as the network of choice for mobile web users, offering reasonably-priced unlimited data packages and promising free 4G upgrades for all customers with compatible handsets. But with contract prices now confirmed to be rising, have 4G costs slipped in through the back door?

The network has confirmed that its popular One Plan SIM-only deal will rise from £15 to £20 a month for those on 12 month contracts, while those on rolling monthly contracts will see them rise from £18 to £23.

Three has told TechRadar that "There is no extra cost for 4G on Three. We do not charge different prices for 3G and 4G services[...] Other operators have opted to have 4G-specific tariffs at higher prices, regardless of whether their customers are using 4G, 3G or 2G. We do not differentiate."

Which is all technically true (though Tesco has rocked this boat a bit), as Three's contracts will be getting more expensive regardless of 3G or 4G connectivity. But to introduce the price rise just as the 4G roll-out is expected to begin makes those earlier "free 4G" claims at the very least feel disingenuous. [TechRadar]