Time Travellers Review Eighth Series of Doctor Who Before it's Even Been Filmed

By Gary Cutlack on at

Ah, the joys of fake Amazon reviews. Joining the poo-based Gummy Bears thread in the hall of fame comes this bizarre series of reviews of the eighth series of the Doctor Who reboot, left by readers who claim to have come from the future where the episodes have actually been (a) filmed and (b) broadcast.

The comedy arises from the fact that Amazon, desperate for nerd pre-order money, is already listing the eighth series for sale on Blu-ray. Yours at some point in the distant future for £37 today, despite the fact that none have been shown on TV yet and Peter Capaldi has only just put his new suit on.

Reviews left for the imagined episodes so far include such gems as:

"I ordered this DVD next week, and was delighted to find it had arrived by Christmas 2007."


"Although most of the actual episodes survive in colour, Peter Capaldi himself is only in black & white, and Gemma Louise-Coleman has had to be reconstructed from stills."


"One particular favourite episode of mine was directed by Peter Jackson who turned the story arc regarding Clara getting a bottle of milk from her local beverage provider into a 4 hour epic that showed us, the audience, a harrowing tale about overcoming adversity during hard times and sticking with each-other even if there is no beer left in the freezer."


"Capaldi's rich Scottish accent might be off-putting for some, so it's great to see each story so skilfully subtitled."

Pop forward into 2015 and leave your own. [Amazon via BuzzFeed]