Totally Convincing Video Evidence of Captured Bigfoot Proves Nothing

By Jack Tomlin on at

In a striking video that would make Ken Burns blush, the world is being (steadily more virally) treated to the absolutely watertight claim that Bigfoot, THE Bigfoot has been shot and captured by self-proclaimed 'Sasquatch Hunter' Rick Dyer.

"It is the real deal. It’s Bigfoot and Bigfoot’s here, and I shot it and now I’m proving it to the world." Dyer claimed to local US news station KSAT.

Apparently the beast was taken out by Dyer in late 2012 but he has taken his time in releasing the images to the world – one of which is the focus of the above video.

Dyer has clearly chosen the right career in Sasquatch hunting. He caught one in 2008 – except that it turned out to be a stuffed rubber ape-suit of his own fabrication.

Still, he wouldn't hoax us twice would he? [Metro]