UK Government Can Spy on our Facebook Likes, YouTube Viewing and More

By Gary Cutlack on at

GCHQ, our intelligence agency, is apparently able to spy on pretty much every aspect of our social lives, monitoring Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, most likely accessed by "tapping into" data cables. They call the programme "Squeaky Dolphin" and yes, that's the official logo. Don't laugh, it's serious stuff.

According to data from the Snowden USB Stick o' Secrets analysed by NBC, our GCHQ boasted to its US intelligence counterparts in 2012 that it had the ability to conduct "broad real-time monitoring of online activity" including the tracking of Facebook likes, YouTube URL visits and much more.

It's not clear how it works, with the data suggesting it's either through a direct hack of the UK's internet backbone or via some shady third-party. Either way, David Cameron can find out what videos you've been viewing on YouTube, even if you watched that Booty Luv clip in an incognito tab last night. [NBC via Engadget]