UK Solar Powered Buildings Generate Enough Energy to Make Each Person 1,000 Cups of Tea

By Gerald Lynch on at

The UK's solar powered green-credentials continue to go from strength to strength, with the government releasing figures this week revealing that we now have 500,000 solar powered buildings, up from just 40,000 in 2011.

The majority of those installations, over 495,000, sit on residential properties, thanks to the lure of a programme of feed-in tariff subsidies paid through levies on energy bills introduced in 2010. And, despite those subsidies being cut back following a boom in solar panel installations (thanks to the falling cost of the panels themselves), installations remain steady, numbering some 2,800 homes a week.

With almost 2 per cent of UK homes now producing solar energy, the UK's panels are creating enough power to make each UK resident a nice hot cuppa 1,000 times a year, according to stats provided by CompareMySolar. That's 1.3 billion kWh. More after the break in the infographic below. []