Valve Wants to Create Standardised, Affordable VR Controllers

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Virtual Reality can be great, but it's expensive and highly proprietary. That might soon change, though, because Valve apparently wants to create an affordable and standardised system for in-game VR control.

The BBC reports that Valve will unveil a software development kit at Steam Dev Days which starts on January 15th. According to Valve designer Brian Coomer, it will show "what affordable Virtual Reality hardware will be capable of within a couple of years."

Though it's previously worked with Oculus—whose new Rift is kinda better than looking at real life—the intention really is for Valve to bridge the gap between manufacturers and developers, in order to create something approaching an industry standard. Admittedly, Oculus is the only company to release a non-prototype headset so far, but other—most notably Sony—are beavering away.

With VR in the early stages of commercial development, now is a prime time to try and impose some standards on the sector. It just remains to be seen whether OEMs will take note. [BBC via Verge]