Vauxhall's New Monza Concept Car is Full of Gadgety Goodies

By Jack Tomlin on at

Initially unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show last September, Vauxhall's Monza concept car has made its first outing in the UK, showing off a range of swishy electronics that the company says heralds the design and vision for their next generation of intelligent vehicles.

The most noteworthy design feature of the Monza concept is a sweeping dashboard that runs from door-to-door inside. Instead of being made up of lots of small screens, the 'infotainment centre' is effectively one huge surface onto which 18 LED projectors transmit information. The whole thing is customisable and controlled with voice activation or buttons on the steering wheel.

Interactivity with smartphones and tablets is a big part of the Monza's brief with a range of sharing options available all controlled through the infotainment system. It all sounds a little perfect-world technology that may not being great in practise – or perhaps even dangerously distracting, but they are as follows:

'ME' mode, in which only information pertaining to the driving experience is shown up on the dash via a smartphone; 'US' mode, whereby passengers can chat online, share appointments or media through the interactive dash; and 'ALL' mode which opens up the LED-projected display to the outside world so that the driver could, for instance, share their route map with anyone who may be interested.

Image Credits: The Daily Street