Watch in Terror as a Plane Crash Lands on a Runway

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's considered among the safest forms of transportation, but the thought of being involved in a plane crash remains one of the most terrifying and common of fears. And, as this startling video shows, those fears aren't without good reason.

The clip shows a crash landing onto an Icelandic runway back in August of last year, which killed two of the three passengers onboard, leaving only the co-pilot alive. The light aircraft seems to tilt to the left before losing altitude dramatically and exploding into the ground. The craft is said to have been an air ambulance, but the cause of the crash is unclear, with both an emergency landing and a botched fly-by speculatively noted as the cause.

Remarkably, according to the user who originally uploaded the video to Liveleak, this is the second time the co-pilot has survived a crash, hitting the ground in not dissimilar circumstances 12 years prior. Someone's definitely got the big man upstairs looking out for them.