West Midlands Couple Book Holiday Flights from the Wrong Birmingham

By Gary Cutlack on at

Birmingham Airport. That's probably in Birmingham, right? Must be. Clue's in the name. Problem is, there's also Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport in Alabama, which is where a couple from the West Midlands booked their flights to the Caribbean from. They got the wrong Birmingham. They wanted the one with the Wetherspoons in Terminal 1.

The couple, who live in Leicester, booked their car into the long term car park at Birmingham Airport, ready to board their £800 flights to Trinidad in the the Caribbean. It was only when they went to check-in that they discovered their flight departed from a different airport, on a different continent.

Infrequent flier Mr Jones told the Sun on Sunday that: "The girl at the information desk broke the news with a very sympathetic look that our flight was leaving over 2,000 miles away." [Independent]