Who We Gonna Call to Get This Ghostbusters Lego Set?

By Gerald Lynch on at

It may not include the amazing firehouse HQ that designer Brent Waller originally included in his 30th Anniversary Ghostbusters Lego Cuusoo submission, but blimey, has this inspired child-like excitement in me!

The iconic Ecto-1 vehicle and mini-figures have just been green-lighted for production by Lego after a successful Cuusoo campaign by Waller, just in time for the classic movie's 30th anniversary celebrations. Heading to stores later this year, the final design and pricing has yet to be finalised, but if they can find a way to add a button that sets off the hearse's wailing siren sound, I'm totally sold.

Check out the announcement video below (there's a tantalising glimpse of a potential Lego Sherlock set in it), as well as some more shots of the Ghostbusters kit. [Lego.Gizmodo]