With a Police Sketch Like This, They'll Have No Trouble Catching the Criminal

By Gerald Lynch on at

Lamar County Sheriff's Department, Texas, is on the hunt for a mugger. Have you seen this man? No, of course you haven't.

Or, if you had, this police sketch would be about as useful in identifying the criminal as a lineup of Guess Who? cards. Actually, they might even be an improvement.

Here is the description given by the victim which inspired the composite sketch:

The victim described him as being approximately 6′ tall or a little taller, approximately 25 to 30 years old with no or very thin facial hair, and a muscular build. His nose was straight with no flare in the nostrils. He has short black hair and a round face, with tattoos covering both arms and a tattoo on the left side of his neck. The victim was adamant about the tattoo on his neck having a lot of red ink in it, authorities said.

Oh, now I see it (not). With such a non-descript man, you'd think drawing in some of those tattoos would be vital. Apparently not. But when a sketch is that realistic, details like tattoos would just be showing off. [eParisExtra via Buzzfeed]